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It is now 18 months since the February 2021 coup in Myanmar.

Over 2,000 people have been murdered by the Myanmar military, and the executions of 4 pro-democracy activists in July has shocked the world. 

Revenue from the Myanmar military’s extensive business network is being used to purchase the arms, heavy artillery and jets used in systematic attacks against civilians.

It’s time for Australia to stand up for democracy and human rights and join our democratic allies the US, UK, EU and Canada in issuing calculated targeted sanctions on the Myanmar military and its business entities.

Cutting off foreign revenue to the Myanmar military and it’s businesses will help restore peace, democracy, and human rights in Myanmar.

Australia has showed it can act quickly to issue sanctions on Russia, we need immediate action to stop the human rights and humanitarian crisis in Myanmar.

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About the #100DayCampaign

Myanmar Campaign Network is calling on the Australian Government to issue calculated targeted sanctions on the Myanmar military and its businesses with 100 days of the federal election. #AUSanctionMyanmarJunta