February 2024 Situation Update

People killed: 4,477

Including: Children killed: 548

As of 2 February 2024. These numbers are verified by AAPP, although actual numbers are likely higher.

Total people arbitrarily arrested: 25,951

Total people currently in detention: 20,013

Total women arrested: 5,277

Total children arrested: 712

Total people released: 5,938

As of 2 February 2024. These numbers are verified by AAPP, actual numbers are likely higher.

Political prisoners executed: 4

Political prisoners killed in detainment*: At least 1,588 As of 31 January 2024 AAPP

Total political prisoners sentenced to death: 162

Including: 120 on death row, 119 sentenced to death in absentia As of 2 February 2024 AAPP


Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs): Nearly 2.6 million

(306,200 in protracted displacement from violence prior to the coup) As of 29 January 2024 UNHCR

Local Community-Based Organizations estimate these numbers to be much higher.

Total Estimated Number of Stateless Persons: 630,000

(Out of 630,000 Stateless persons in Rakhine State, 153,600 are displaced)

Refugees: Over 1.3 Million UNHCR

Over 123,809 refugees have fled to neighboring countries since 1 February 2021. As of 12 January 2024 UNHCR

Civilian properties (homes, churches, monasteries, and schools) destroyed since February 2021: At least 86,134

As of 29 September 2023 ISPDATA MATTERS

In need of humanitarian assistance: 18 million (1 in 3 people) OCHA

*Deaths in junta detainment refer to individuals who died in custody of the junta after being arrested, captured, or otherwise forcibly taken.

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