Motion On Sanctions Against The Myanmar Junta

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The following branches have passed the motion:

  • Glen Waverley Labor Branch
  • Niddrie Labor Branch
  • Mornington Penninsula Labor Branch
  • Macedon Ranges Labor Branch

Motion on sanctions against the Myanmar military junta

  1. We call on the Australian Government to impose financial sanctions on high-value targets such as state-owned enterprises in oil and gas, mining, logging, the gemstone industry, and banking; the aviation fuel supply chain; and those who supply arms and equipment to the junta.
  2. Further we call on the Australian Government to impose appropriate individual sanctions such as asset freezes and travel bans on senior Myanmar military officials.


Since the coup in February 2021, Myanmar continues to suffer humanitarian and human rights abuses under the brutal military junta. According to the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners, the Myanmar junta has killed over 4000 people and detained over 19,800 who opposed the military takeover. Widespread torture of detainees have been reported, and women and girls have been subjected to sexual violence by the military. 144 people have been sentenced to death by military tribunals, 43 in absentia. This has resulted in the exit of an estimated 96,506 people into neighbouring countries, the internal displacement of over 1.9 million, and 1.3 million refugees.

In the attempt to restore democracy, countries such as the US, UK, EU and Canada have sanctioned over 179 individuals and 154 business entities. Australia sanctioned five members of the Myanmar military in October 2018 in response to the Rohingya genocide and on 1 February 2023 announced sanctions on 16 individuals and 2 entities, MEHL and MEC.

Myanmar’s state-owned enterprises have direct business relationships with military-owned conglomerates MEHL and MEC. Since the coup, all state-owned enterprises and their bank accounts have been under the control of the Myanmar military, funnelling billions of dollars of foreign revenue to the junta. These funds are being used to purchase the arms, heavy artillery and jets used in systematic attacks against civilians.

Australian sanctions account for 6% of international sanctions action on Myanmar. It is time for Australia to step up in coordination with our democratic allies to impose carefully targeted sanctions on entities and individuals critical to the military junta’s finances. 

Suggested action

  • Communicate branch position to Foreign Minister.
  • Communicate branch position to relevant policy working group/s.
  • Organise a local community briefing from Myanmar Campaign Network.