Escalating Crisis

The Myanmar military is the single greatest threat to the people of Myanmar.

The on-going, widespread violence since the coup has caused a humanitarian and human rights crisis in the South-East Asian Region.

Airstrikes and heavy artillery are being used across the country, targeting civilians.

The Crisis In Myanmar Is Escalating Every Day

Latest Situation Update.

September 2023 Situation Update

Myanmar Situation Update 5 September 2023 

People killed: 4,043  


Children killed: 450 

As of 5 September 2023. These numbers are verified by AAPP, although actual numbers are likely higher. 

Total people arbitrarily arrested: 24,694 

Total people currently in detention: 19,857

Total women arrested: 4930 

Total children arrested: 662 

Total people released: 4,837 

As of 5 September 2023. These numbers are verified by AAPP, actual numbers are likely higher. 

Political prisoners executed:

Political prisoners killed in detainment*: At least 1,347

As of 31 Aug 2023 AAPP 

Political prisoners tortured to death in prison/interrogation: At least 99 

As of 11 July 2022 AAPP 

Total political prisoners sentenced to death: 145 

Including: 102 on death row, 119 sentenced to death in absentia 

As of 31 August 2023 AAPP 


Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs): Over 1.9 Million  

(Over 1.6 million displaced since coup, 306,200 in protracted displacement from violence prior to the coup) As of 28 Aug 2023 UNHCR 

Local Community Based Organizations estimate these numbers to be much higher. 

Refugees: Over 1.2 Million UNHCR 

Over 1.1 Million (An estimated 300,000 since 1 February 2021, 1,286,718 prior to coup) are in neighboring countries, India, Bangladesh, Thailand.  

As of 31 Jul 2023 UNHCR 

Civilian properties (homes, churches, monasteries, and schools) destroyed since February 2021:  Over 75,000  

Up to 10 Aug 2023 The Irrawaddy 

In need of humanitarian assistance: 18 million (1 in 3 people) OCHA 

*Deaths in junta detainment refer to individuals who died in custody of the junta after being arrested,  captured, or otherwise forcibly taken.

As of 5 September 2023

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People Killed

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Children Killed

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Total Arrested


Currently Detained


Political Prisoners Executed


Political Prisoners Sentenced to death

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Political Prisoners Killed In Detainment

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Political Prisoners Tortured To Death

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Internally Displaced

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Refugees & Asylum Seekers

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In Need Of Humanitarian Assistance

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Civilian Properties Destroyed