The Impact

Myanmar’s democracy, with a promising future in attaining women’s rights, gender equality, and inclusion has significantly deteriorated since the February 2021 coup.

The safety of Myanmar’s 28,490,000 women and girls has been compromised in every way by the democratic backslide in Myanmar

National Unity Government Minister for Women Youths and Children


Karen Peace Support Network


Founder/Executive Director
Women’s Peace Support Network


Actions For The International Community

The Impact of the Myanmar coup on Women, Youth, and Children - Key Takeaways

1. Recognition of the NUG

Recognising the National Unity Government as the legitimate interim government will enable better communication and official assistance.

2. Deny the Myanmar military legitimacy

The Myanmar military administration is unconstitutional, illegal and illegitimate.

We must stop engaging with them, and refuse to buy into their narrative of fake elections in 2023

3. Humanitarian Aid

Provide essential cross-border humanitarian aid, and avoid funneling aid through Yangon or Nay Pyi Daw, as this will fall into the military’s hands.

4. Technical Assistance

Invest in the new generation of young people who are driving the pro-democracy movement, in capacity building, knowledge, student visas and scholarships.

We need to stop the military so that the people of Myanmar will be free and will get justice.

We, the people are united, we the people are working for, and willing to reestablish our country based on democratic principles and federal principles.

I strongly believe that if there is no justice, there is no peace at all. This requires transitions to a new ministry or justice for the federal Myanmar


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